Watershed Health Assessment Framework

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The Watershed Health Assessment Framework (WHAF) provides an organized approach for exploring the complexity of natural and human systems.  A 'Use Case' uses the Map to show an important concept with an example and instructions for you to follow.


Map and Share Your Watershed Boundaries

CONCEPT:  Spatial Scale 

Watershed boundaries are a challenge to understand and even more difficult to visualize or map.. until now!  With WHAF's predefined boundaries and symbols you can display different watershed boundaries across spatial scales for any catchment in Minnesota in just 3 clicks of the mouse. 

 Nested watershed scales for Pine River watershed

Step 1:  Click here to open this map in a new browser window. 

Step 2: Click on 'set location' tool Button used to set location in the WHAF Map.  It will turn orange when it is 'on'.

Step 3: Click on your location of interest within Minnesota. 

That's it!  Now you are viewing the different watershed boundaries for your location.  Here are what the different boundaries mean:

Save and Share Your Map

There are ways to change the map to meet your needs.  Check out 'Map Help' for instructions to: 

Personalize it

Share it

Save it