Wood Lot

Energy conservation planting strategies - Tree care

West is best

Shade west and east windows to most effectively reduce air conditioning use:

Let the sun shine in

Avoid shading south windows.

If trees already exist south of windows:

If you do want a tree southeast or southwest of a window:

Remember: Take advantage of the free solar energy coming in through the south windows in the winter. The worst place to have a tree is in the yard south of a home, since the sun's angles cause the shadow of the tree to miss the home during the summer months and always fall on the home during the winter months.

The more the merrier

Maximize tree canopy cover throughout the neighborhood to maximize environmental benefits.

Up and over

Where winters are long and windy, the most valuable way to reduce annual energy use is to create windbreaks. Tall trees will guide wind up and over an area to a point downwind at least ten times the height of the windbreak.

If your lot is very large:

If your lot is smaller: