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Wealthwood State Forest




Acres: 15,042

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Motor Vehicle/OHV Classification: Limited

Approved Firewood Vendors

photo: Wealthwood state forest

•Wealthwood State Forest is located at the north end of Mille Lacs Lake. This 15,000 acres of rolling hills has numerous lakes, rivers, and wetlands that attract waterfowl such as mallards, ring-necked ducks, and Canada geese.

Ripple River WMA is within the forest and is home to sandhill cranes, woodcock, sharp-tailed grouse, short-eared owls, snowshoe hares, brown creepers, chorus frogs, and four-toed salamanders.

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Visitor Alert:

Due to wet and warm conditions, forest roads and trails are deteriorating rapidly this spring. Many roads and trails are not firm enough to support vehicle traffic without being damaged. The temporary closures could remain in effect until sometime in May, depending on weather conditions. Note: not all roads and trails in a particular forest may be closed. Check the forest roads closures and OHV trail closures web pages before venturing out. Signs may be posted before web pages are updated. Obey all signs.

Forest Notes

The Ripple River Wildlife Management Area (WMA) covers nearly half of the forest. DNR forest and wildlife managers work closely together so management activities benefit both wildlife and plant species.

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• Ripple River WMA: West Unit

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