Bronk Unit Plowline Trail



Take U.S. 14 (W) from Winona to Winona Cty. 23. Go (N) 2.1 miles to Hillsdale Township Rd. 6. Go (E) 6.5 miles to the lower parking lot of the Bronk Management Unit. To reach the Plowline Trail trailhead from the lower parking lot go up the hill 0.65 miles to the upper parking lot. From the upper parking lot go (N), around the gate, approximately 175 feet.



Phone: 507-206-2847

Managed by: Division of Parks and Trails

photo: Bronk Unit Plowline Trail

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Description: The Bronk Management Unit is named for Leon A. Bronk, from whom the property was purchased in 1969. This 761-acre unit straddles the ridge between Stockton Valley and the Mississippi River. The slopes of the ridge rise 500 feet above the surrounding valleys, providing numerous scenic overlooks.

Highlights: The Plowline Trail consists of a south loop and a north loop for a total of 6.5 miles. These trails are for nonmotorized uses only (hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, and cross-country skiing). Both loops generally follow the edge of the woods, or the plow line, as they go around the ridge. Both rise and fall with the terrain, giving them a "more difficult" rating for cross-country skiing. The north loop goes out to scenic overlooks of Stockton Valley and the Mississippi River Valley.


6.5 miles nature trail

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