Brightsdale Forest Management Unit



Brightsdale Management Unit can be accessed from different points. Refer to a Minnesota state highway map for directions.



Phone: 507-206-2847

Managed by: Division of Parks and Trails

photo: Brightsdale Forest Management Unit

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Description: The Brightsdale Forest Management Unit, site of the Eagle Bluff Environmental Learning Center, is about five miles northwest of Lanesboro on a township road that runs west off State Highway 250.

This 900-acre management unit was names after an old hydroelectric plant located on the site along the north branch of the Root River.

Highlights: The unit features an easy interpretive trail with handicapped accessible parking that drops to the Root River State Trail and climbs again to give a forest management educational tour of the woods. Cross-country ski trails serve as great hiking trails in the summer.


1 toilet

5 miles interpretive trail

symbol wheelchair denotes accessible feature, (#) denotes number that are accessible.