Zumbro Bottoms Horse Campground - Central



From Wabasha take U.S. 61 (S) to Kellogg; turn right on Wabasha Rd. 18. Go 8 mi. and turn right on township road just past Conception Church (229th Ave.). Follow 229th for 2 mi. and then turn right onto 235th Ave. and follow 2 mi. to the campground. There are large signs at the last two intersections.

Map for entire Zumbro bottoms Management Unit



Phone: 651-345-3401

Managed by: Frontenac State Park

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Fees: Fee information
Equestrian site $16

Purchase Approved Firewood

Description: Central Assembly Area is moderate in size, it is a primitive campground designed to furnish only the basic needs of the camper, vault toilets and hand pumped water. There are fire rings, picnic tables, picket lines and manure bunkers in the campground.

There are no designated campsites in this campground and campers can set up as they wish keeping in line with these rules:

Highlights: Zumbro Bottoms offers access to 44 miles of horseback riding trails. The trails have been marked with brown signs showing appropriate uses.

Horseback riding trails are open May 1–November 1. Trails do not close when it rains and only a few low trails flood when the river is high.

Communication is limited and the trail system is multi-use in areas.


16 horse sites

1 toilet

1 well

drinking water

1 picnic table

symbol wheelchair denotes accessible feature, (#) denotes number that are accessible.