Parks and Trails

Erika Rivers, Director 651-259-5591

Luke Skinner, Deputy Director 651-259-5650

Lynda Zoet, Administrative Assistant 651-259-5602

Acquisition and Development

Dana Vanderbosch, Acquisition and Development Manager 651-259-5631

Administrative Services

Linda Notch, Administrative Services Manager 651-259-5589

Communications and Outreach

Pat Arndt, Communication and Outreach Manager 651-259-5578


Peter Hark, Field Operations Manager 651-259-5618
Phil Leversedge, Northwest Regional Manager 218-308-2652
Scott Kelling, Northeast Regional Manager 218-999-7925
Jan Shaw Wolff, Central Regional Manager 651-259-5747
Peter Hark, Southern Regional Manager 507-359-6066

Policy, Programs and Planning

Laura Preus, Policy, Programs and Planning Manager 651-259-5639