Stony Spur II Trail

Stony Spur II Trail


Lake & St. Louis County

Trail location map Parking and trail access is located outside of Babbitt, near the intersection of Hwy 21 and Hwy 70.

Dave Soular
(218) 827-3504

The remote Stony Spur II Trail begins in Babbitt and runs 23 miles eastward, just south of Bear Island State Forest. The trail follows the diverse landscape through stands of aspen and cedar. There are a few stream and water crossings. The trail is maintained by the City of Babbitt and the Babbitt ATV/Snowmobile Club.

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Vehicles allowed

(class II NOT allowed)

When open

CLOSED, except area west of Birch Lake Beach Access Road is OPEN for access to lake.

Normal season:
4/1 to 11/30

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Difficulty & trail length


23 miles

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