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Permits issued with a variance

To treat more than 15% of the littoral area with herbicide or harvest more than 50%, consultation between the DNR and the project proposer is necessary.

Before meeting with the DNR, please assemble the necessary information in a Lake Vegetation and Water Quality Assessment. Contact an Invasive Species Specialist for your area to discuss the current conditions and possible approaches to management.

If a proposal is approved, the DNR and project proposer will write a Lake Vegetation Management Plan.

Eurasian watermilfoil

In review of such proposals, the principle determining factors that the DNR will consider are:


  1. water clarity and
  2. distribution and composition of the plant community.

Water clarity is a major determining factor:

Curly-leaf pondweed

Research and monitoring over the past ten years has shown that the most successful (meeting project goals and costs) projects done to control curly-leaf pondweed are those that involve application of herbicide to less than 15% of the littoral area.