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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who publishes Minnesota Conservation Volunteer?

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resource has published the magazine since 1940. Since 2003 reader contributions have covered all publishing costs.

Q: Is Minnesota Conservation Volunteer magazine free?

MCV offers an introductory subscription to U.S. residents on request. Subscribers who make an annual contribution of any amount receive an automatic subscription renewal. Subscriptions of those who do not contribute within two years (12 issues) of subscribing will be discontinued.

Q: I pay taxes that support the DNR, and I buy hunting or fishing licenses. Why can't I get the magazine without making a contribution?

Because the magazine receives no state funds or license fees, the entire cost of the magazine must be covered by reader contributions. It is unfair to expect contributors to continuously subsidize printing and mailing magazines to non-contributors. Everyone may find MCV online and at public libraries throughout Minnesota.

Q. How can I make a contribution?

Click Contribute Now to make a one-time or monthly contribution using your MasterCard or VISA card. Or write a check payable to Minnesota Conservation Volunteer and mail it to MCV, DNR, 500 Lafayette Road, St. Paul, MN 55155-4046.

Q: How can I include Minnesota Conservation Volunteer in my estate plan?

The publication Guidance for Planned Giving includes clear language you can use to name the magazine as a beneficiary in your will or retirement plan.

Q: How can I give a gift subscription?

With a $25 contribution for each gift subscription, you will receive a gift card to forward to your friend or relative. The gift subscription will begin in six to eight weeks.

Q: Can I subscribe from an international address?

Yes. An annual subscription costs $30, prepaid in U.S. dollars. Magazines are sent first-class mail. The first issue will arrive in six to eight weeks.

Q: When will I receive my first issue?

Published bimonthly, the magazine should arrive the first week of January, March, May, July, September, and November. Please allow two to four months for address change or new subscription to begin.

Q: My last contribution does not show on my address label.

Contributions received after our printing deadline should appear in the next issue. If missing, contact David Lent at the number or email address below.

Q: May I purchase bulk copies or previous issues?

Yes. Contact David Lent at 651-259-5347 or email

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