Minnesota Conservation Volunteer relies on contributions from readers to underwrite the cost of publication. We offer an initial one-year subscription on request. Subscription renewals are available to readers making an annual subscription contribution.

Frequently asked questions about subscribing

Is Minnesota Conservation Volunteer part of the Department of Natural Resources?
Yes, the DNR began publishing this magazine in 1940. MCV staff work in the DNR Central Office. Since 2003 MCV has counted on reader contributions to cover all operating costs, including staff salaries and benefits. To learn more, see Our Story.

How often is Minnesota Conservation Volunteer published?
Each year we publish six issues: January–February, March–April, May–June, July–August, September–October, and November–December.

How long will my subscription last? Will I receive a bill or invoice every year?
No, you will not receive an invoice. Subscriptions are for one year based on the date of last contribution received. Plan your annual contribution by referring to the date of "Your Last Contribution" printed on your magazine's address label.

How much should I contribute?
An annual contribution of any amount automatically renews your subscription. We suggest $25, but many readers contribute more. Our monthly sustainers provide greatly appreciated support—$5 or $10 per month, or more for those who are financially able.

Can I provide a monthly sustaining contribution to keep my subscription active?
Yes, visit our contribution page. Signing up is easy, and you can stop or change your contribution at any time. The minimum credit-card transaction is $5.

Why is a subscription contribution needed for renewal? I pay Minnesota taxes.
Minnesota Conservation Volunteer receives no financial support from the state and only administrative services from the DNR. All direct costs of publication are paid with financial support provided by readers. It's unfair to contributing subscribers to allow others to receive the magazine without supporting it. We can only afford to sustain subscriptions for those who contribute.

If I don't want to contribute or can't afford to, where can I find the magazine?
Minnesota Conservation Volunteer is available to everyone at local public libraries across the state and feature stories are available online. Entire issues from previous years are available as PDF's in our online archives.

How can I change my address or cancel my subscription?
Update or cancel your subscription here.

How can I give a gift subscription?
Gift subscriptions are a great way to introduce friends to MCV. A suggested $25 gift begins or renews a one-year subscription. With each $25, you receive a gift card to pass on to your recipient.

If I've missed an issue, can I have it replaced? Can I order extra copies of an issue?
Yes, for $1.50 per copy, plus $5 for shipping and handling.

Can international residents subscribe?
International subscriptions cost $30 per year, including mailing.

For special orders or other questions, who can help me?
Reach customer service coordinator David Lent at 651-259-5347 or david.lent@state.mn.us