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Youth Hunters.

Learn to Hunt

Hunting for ducks, deer, and turkey—wild game—is a Minnesota tradition.
Long-time hunters eagerly show young hunters how to succeed.

by Michael A. Kallok

Think about traditions you enjoy—perhaps eating Thanksgiving turkey or hanging holiday decorations.

Hunting is a favorite tradition of many people. Every year about 24,000 Minnesotans who are at least 11 years old (more than one-third of them are girls and women) get ready to hunt by completing the Hunter Education Firearms Safety Training Program, offered by the Department of Natural Resources.

Learning how to safely handle and shoot a shotgun, rifle, or bow is the first step in becoming a good hunter. To hunt successfully, hunters must understand the animals they are hoping to bag. The best way to learn is to go hunting with a mentor—someone with experience. Fortunately, the DNR and its conservation partners make it easy for young hunters and their parents or guardians to find a mentor to help them get started.

Here are the stories of three young people who are learning to hunt ducks, deer, or wild turkeys. With the help of a mentor, you can learn to hunt too.

To read this entire Young Naturalists story, download the PDF below

Teachers Resources

Full color PDF of Learn to Hunt. Teacher's guide for Learn to Hunt. Image of classroom.

Learn about Taking Action Opportunities—an ambitious new curriculum to bring conservation biology to the classroom.

Full-color PDF of
Learn to Hunt
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Teachers Guide for
Learn to Hunt
This is a PDF file. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download it.


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