Bear Facts Quiz

bear and cub

Choose one answer for each question.

If you don't know the answer review Black Bear Yearbook.

1. What kinds of bears live in Minnesota?

A. More than 10,000 wild black bears and a few wild grizzly bears.
B. Both brown-and black-colored black bears but no grizzlies.
C. Three species of wild bears: black, brown, and grizzly.

2. What usually kills bears in Minnesota?

A. Not having enough body fat to survive during hibernation.
B. Gunshots from hunters.
C. Attacks by wolves and other bears.

3. When are black bears most active?

A. At night.
B. In the middle of the day.
C. During the morning and evening.

4. When will a black bear attack a person?

A. If someone gets between a mother and her cubs.
B. If a person tries to scare it by throwing things at it.
C. If it is shot and wounded.
D. All of the above.
E. Almost never.

  Mother bear and cub.

More about Bears

Daniel J. Cox's photos appear in Black Bear.
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