Vulnerable characteristics

Some species are rare in Minnesota because they have certain characteristics that make them vulnerable. Some species require large home ranges or habitat patch sizes, some have low dispersal abilities or low reproductive rates, some are highly localized or have a restricted distribution (endemic species), and some concentrate their populations during some time of the year (such as bats clustering in hibernacula).

The dwarf trout lily is endemic to Minnesota, occurring worldwide only in Rice, Goodhue, and Steele counties. Because of its inefficient system of reproduction and dispersal, the dwarf trout lily has expanded its range very little and remains restricted to small portions of certain drainage systems in just these three counties.

Dwarf Trout Lily (Erythronium propullans)

Vunerable characteristics

Ten reasons why species become rare

Habitat loss and degradation Invasive species and competition Pollution Habitat specificity Persecution and exploitation

Peripheral populations Vunerable characteristics Relict populations Disease Global climate change

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