Wild & Scenic Rivers

Wild & Scenic Rivers
Laws, Statutes, and Rules

Laws and Statutes


As mandated by Minnesota's Wild & Scenic Rivers Act, the Department of Natural Resources has established statewide standards and criteria for designating, classifying, and managing the state's Wild & Scenic Rivers. These include minimum standards for land use, development, and administration.

Segments of six rivers have been designated under the Act (Kettle, Mississippi, North Fork of the Crow, Minnesota, Rum, and Cannon). Each designated stretch has rules that constitute the management plan for that river. The individual river plans include:

Similar rules exist for the Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway.


Minnesota Rules Chapter 6105 - Wild, Scenic, & Recreational Rivers
(refer to the table below to find specific rules)

Subsections Description
6105.0010 - 6105.0250 Standards and Criteria for State-Designated Wild & Scenic Rivers
6105.0300 - 6105.0350 Lower St. Croix Water Surface Use
6105.0351 - 6105.0440 Lower St. Croix National Scenic Riverway
6105.0500 - 6105.0550 St. Croix Riverway Ordinance Administration and Enforcement
6105.0600 - 6105.0760 Kettle River Management Plan
6105.0800 - 6105.0960 Mississippi River Management Plan
6105.1000 - 6105.1130 North Fork of the Crow River Management Plan
6105.1200 - 6105.1370 Minnesota River Management Plan
6105.1400 - 6105.1500 Rum River Management Plan
6105.1550 - 6105.1700 Cannon River Management Plan


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