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Upper Minnesota River Basin Regional Hydrogeologic Assessment, Part B

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Water Table Elevation

Minnesota DNR - Ground Water Mapping Program

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Section 1  Identification Information - - - - - - top
Originator  Minnesota DNR - Ground Water Mapping Program
System Name   
Abstract  Water-table elevation contour lines. 
Purpose  County Geologic Atlas and Regional Hydrogeologic Assessment Program, Assessment RHA-5.
Time Period of Content Date  8/21/00
Currentness Reference  Current
Progress  Complete 
Maintenance and Update Frequency  None Planned
Spatial Extent of Data 

Upper Minnesota River basin area, including: all of Chippewa, Lac Qui Parle, Swift, and Yellow Medicine counties, the southern portion of Big Stone county, western portions of Kandiyohi and Renville counties, northern portions of Lincoln, Lyon, and Redwood counties.

Bounding Coordinates
East 211,432
West 323,920
North 5,035,580
South 4,929,868
Place Keywords  Minnesota, Upper Minnesota River Valley
Theme Keywords Water table, Hydrogeology
Theme Keyword Thesaurus  None 
Access Constraints  None 
Use Constraints  
Contact Person Information See Metadata Reference Information section, below
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Associated Data Sets  None 
Section 2 Data Quality Information - - - - - - top
Attribute Accuracy  
Logical Consistency Data are topologically correct using ArcInfo 7.1.1 
Completeness Complete
Horizontal Positional Accuracy unknown 
Vertical Positional Accuracy not applicable 
  • A 1:150,000-scale template showing the study area boundary, county boundaries, and 1:24,000-scale quad boundaries was printed on mylar.
  • Randy Bradt drew interpolated water-table elevation contours on this template. Delineation of the water table relied on information available in the County Well Index (CWI) data base maintained by the Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS), including depth to water measurements taken when the wells were drilled. Since only 6 percent of the wells listed in the data base for this study area are screened in a water-table aquifer, additional information was used. Water-table elevations were inferred where the water table is expressed at some lakes, streams, and wetlands. The water elevations for these features were obtained from U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) 1:24-000-scale topographic maps. Depth to water table was also determined using seismic refraction, which measures differences in the physical properties of saturated and unsaturated geologic materials to locate the water-table surface. Results obtained from eight locations show areas with low-relief topography generally have a shallow (less than 20 feet below land surface) water table, while high-relief areas have deeper water tables, sometimes more than 50 feet below land surface. In most of the study area, the water table approximates a subdued surface topography. Contours of surface elevations generated from the USGS 1:24,000-scale Digital Elevation Model (DEM) were used to guide placement of water-table contours.
  • The contour lines were digitized in ARCEDIT
Source Scale Denominator Digitizing template 1:150,000, Various scales for other sources used as reference.
Section 3  Spatial Data Organization Information - - - - - - top
Native Data Set Environment  ARC/INFO 7.1.1
Geographic Reference for Tabular Data  Not Applicable 
Spatial Object Type  Vector 
Vendor Specific Object Types  Polygon 
Tiling Scheme  state 
Section 4 Spatial Reference Information - - - - - - top
Horizontal Coordinate Scheme UTM 
Ellipsoid GRS1980
Horizontal Datum NAD83 
Horizontal Units meters 
Distance Resolution meters 
Altitude Datum  n/a 
Altitude Units  n/a 
Depth Datum  n/a 
Depth Units  n/a 
Cell Width 
Cell Height 
Latitude Resolution
Longitude Resolution
UTM Zone Number  15 
SPCS Zone Identifier
County Coordinate Zone Identifier
Coordinate Offsets or Adjustments n/a 
Map Projection Name n/a 
Map Projection Parameters  n/a 
Other Coordinate System's Definition n/a 
Section 5 Entity and Attribute Information - - - - - - top
Entity and Attribute Overview  
Entity and Attribute Detailed Citation

HTML Table (Not Available)

Table Name Field name Begin Column Definition Valid Values Description
WTELLN.AAT         Arc Attribute Table
  elevation   4,4,b Too many to list Elevation in feet
  1,1,c   Indicates intermediate (25 ft.) contours.
All other contours are 50 ft. interval.
        'y' or 'n' 'y' - Intermediate
'n' - Regular contour
Section 6  Distribution Information - - - - - - top
Publisher  Minnesota DNR Waters
Publication Date  2000
Contact Person Information  See Metadata Reference Information section, below
Distributor's Data Set Identifier  wtelln 
Distribution Liability

This map was prepared from publicly available information only. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the factual data on which this map is based. However, the Department of Natural Resources does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or any implied uses of these data.

Users may wish to verify critical information; sources include both the references here and information on file in the offices of the Minnesota Geological Survey and the Department of Natural Resources. Every effort has been made to ensure the interpretation shown conforms to sound geologic and cartographic principles. This map should not be used to establish legal title, boundaries, or locations of improvements.

Transfer Format Name 7.1.2 
Transfer Format Version Number ARC/INFO 
Transfer Size  0.2 
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Upper Minnesota River Basin Regional Hydrogeologic Assessment, Part B: Metadata for GIS and Digital Data
Online Linkage  Upper Minnesota River Basin Regional Hydrogeologic Assessment, Part B: Metadata for GIS and Digital Data
Section 7  Metadata Reference Information - - - - - - top
Metadata Date  3/29/1999 
Contact Person Information GIS Specialist, Ground Water Mapping Program
Minnesota DNR - Division of Waters
500 Lafayette Road
Saint Paul, MN 55155
Phone: (651) 259-5693
FAX: (651) 296-0445
Metadata Standard Name  Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines 
Metadata Standard Version 1.1 
Metadata Standard Online Linkage Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines