County Geologic Atlas Program

Rice County Geologic Atlas, Part B

CWIBRCON metadata

Minnesota Geographic Metadata Guidelines  - Metadata Entry Template

Version 1.0.4 - July 1, 1997

A State Version of the FGDC Content Standards for Geospatial Metadata

Description of data that was created for The Rice County Geologic Atlas
by DNR Waters
County Geologic Atlas and Regional Hydrogeologic Assessment Program

Data Set Name: CWIBRCON

Metadata Entered By: Randy McGregor

Date: 6/25/98

Section 1 Identification Information
Originator Moira Campion
Minnesota Clearinghouse ID  
Abstract Wells from the County Well Index which draw water from bedrock aquifer(s).
Purpose County Geologic Atlas Program: Atlas C-9 Part B, Plate 8 Bedrock Hydrogeology
Time Period of Content Date 1993 - 1997
Currentness Reference  
Progress Done
Maintenance and Update Frequency None planned
Spatial Extent of Data Rice County, Minnesota
West Bounding Coordinate 458,120  
East Bounding Coordinate 496,752  
North Bounding Coordinate 4,932,330  
South Bounding Coordinate 4,893,784  
Place Keywords Rice County Minnesota
Theme Keywords Bedrock Wells
Theme Keyword Thesaurus  
Access Constraints None
Use Constraints None
Contact Person Moira Campion
Contact Organization Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters
Contact Person Position Hydrogeologist
Contact Address 500 Lafayette Road
Contact City St. Paul
Contact State or Province Minnesota
Contact Postal Code 55155 - 4032
Contact Voice Phone (651) 259-5661
Contact Fax Phone (651) 296-0445
Contact E-mail Address
Browse Graphic File Name  
Browse Graphic File Description  
Associated Data Sets Atlas C-9 Part A, produced by the Minnesota Geological Survey

Section 2  
Attribute Accuracy  
Logical Consistency  
Completeness Complete
Horizontal Positional Accuracy N.A.
Vertical Positional Accuracy N.A.
Lineage This coverage is a selected set of wells from the County Well Index database. In ARCEDIT, Quaternary wells (those with an 'aquifer' code starting with 'Q.' i.e., 'QWTA,' 'QBAA,' etc) and wells with unacceptably unusual static water elevations were selected from the coverage of CWI points and deleted, leaving only bedrock aquifer wells with reliable static water elevation values. This set was saved as the coverage, 'cwibrpt.' 
Source Scale Denominator 100,000

Section 3 Spatial Data Organization Information
Native Data Set Environment ARC/INFO
Geographic Reference for Tabular Data UTM Coordinates
Spatial Object Type Vector
Vendor Specific Object Types Point
Tiling Scheme Rice County

Section 4 Spatial Reference Information
Horizontal Coordinate Scheme UTM
Ellipsoid GRS 1980
Horizontal Datum NAD83
Horizontal Units N.A.
Altitude Datum N.A.
Altitude Units N.A.
Depth Datum N.A.
Depth Units N.A.
Cell Width N.A.
Cell Height N.A.
If UTM  
UTM Zone Number 15
Coordinate Offsets or Adjustments none
Distance Resolution  

Section 5 Entity and Attribute Information
Entity and Attribute Overview  
Entity and Attribute Detailed Citation  
Table Name Field Name Begin Column Definition Valid Values Description 
cwibrcon.pat         Point Attribute Table
  brpot3_ 25 8,11,f 1,2,3... Unknown
  brpot3_id 33 8,11,f 100954, 100957... Unknown: Seems to be equal to unique number
  unique_ 41 6,6,c 100954, 100957... Unique numbers
  swel 47 4,4,b Many Static water elevation in feet
  aquifer 51 4,4,c   Aquifer codes
        cfrn Franconia
        cjdn Jordan
        cjsl Jordan-St. Lawrence
        cslf St. Lawrence-Franconia
        cstl St. Lawrence
        mtpl Multiple aquifers
        opcj Prairie du Chien-Jordan
        opdc Prarie du Chien group
        ospc St. Peter-Prairie du Chien
        ostp St. Peter

Section 6 Distribution Information
Publisher Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters
Publication Date 1997
Online Linkage  
Distributor Contact Person  
Distributor Organization Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters
Distributor Position  
Distributor Address 500 Lafayette Rd.
Distributor City St. Paul
Distributor State or Province MN
Distributor Postal Code 55155
Distributor Voice Phone (651) 296 - 4800
Distributor Fax Phone (651) 296 - 0445

E-mail Address

Distributor's Data Set Identifier  
Distribution Liability This map was prepared from publicly available information only. Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the factual data on which this map is based. However, the Department of Natural Resources does not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or any implied uses of these data. Users may wish to verify critical information; sources include both the references here and information on file in the offices of the Minnesota Geological Survey and the Department of Natural Resources. Every effort has been made to ensure the interpretation shown conforms to sound geologic and cartographic principles. This map should not be used to establish legal title, boundaries, or locations of improvements.
Transfer Format Name ARC/INFO, ArcExport, INFO
Transfer Format Version Number 7.1.1
Transfer Size  
Ordering Instructions Downloadable data are accessible through Rice County Geologic Atlas, Part B: Metadata for GIS and Digital Data

Section 7 Metadata Reference Information
Metadata Date December 1998
Metadata Contact Person  
Metadata Contact Organization Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, Division of Waters
Metadata Contact Position  
Metadata Contact Address 500 Lafayette Road
Metadata Contact City St. Paul
Metadata Contact State or Province MN
Metadata Contact Postal Code 55155 - 4032
Metadata Contact Voice Phone (651) 296 - 4800
Metadata Contact Fax Phone (651) 296 - 0445
Metadata Contact

E-mail Address

Metadata Standard Name Minnesota geographic Metadata Guidelines
Metadata Standard Version 1.0.4
Metadata Standard Online Linkage