Upper Sioux Agency State Park

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Recreation Facilities


Picnic Area

2 Areas

The smaller picnic area is located at the confluence of the two rivers. The larger picnic area is off the main entrance. Facilities include picnic shelter at the main picnic area.

Picnic Shelter

Open Shelter

Located in main picnic area. Shelter has electricity, tables, one standing grill, and additional firerings that are located near the shelter. 2 vault toilets nearby. Running water also available in this area. The shelter has 14 picnic tables in the shelter and can accommodate about 100 people. The shelter can be reserved by calling the park.


In Picnic Area



Main Picnic Area

Pick up equipment at the park office.


Main Picnic Area

Pick up equipment at park office.

Golf Course

Public Course

On Hwy 67 before you get to the town of Granite Falls.


Sliding Hill

At Main Entrance

This is a challenging hill...definitely not a bunny hill.