St. Croix State Park

In the area

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Wheelchair Accessible

1.5 Miles

Trail begins at the Interpretive Center.

Self Guided

1.5 Miles

Trail begins at the Interpretive Center.


127 Miles

Easy trails that extend through the park and along the river.

Paved Bike

5.5 Miles

Bike trails lead from park campground to the beach on Lake Clayton.

Mountain Bike

21 Miles

Mountain biking is available on the Matthew Lourey State Trail (in the park). This trail does not connect with the paved Willard Munger State Trail that runs to Duluth.


75 Miles

Available for riding from April 15 through the first snowfall.


Cross Country Skiing

11 Miles

Easy trails that wind through the woods and along the river.


80 Miles

Trails connect with Chengwatana and St. Croix state forests and connecting grant-in-aid trails.


Anywhere in Park

Snowshoers must stay off groomed trails.


Winter Hiking Trail

One mile of trail is kept open in winter for hiking.