Camping & Lodging

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Wheelchair Accessible Sites

2 Sites

Located in cart-in campground.

Backpack Sites

4 Sites

These sites range from 1/2 to 2 miles from the campground parking lot. Two of the sites are accessible from Lake Superior for use by kayakers.

Cart-in Sites

20 Sites

These beautiful sites are all within 2,000 feet of the parking lot. Wheeled carts are available to haul gear and supplies to your campsite. These are secluded sites.

Sanitation Facilities


Wheelchair accessible

Showers are available from early May until early October, depending on the weather. Shower building located in the campground.

Flush Toilets

Wheelchair accessible

Available from early May until early October in the campground, depending on the weather. Year-round flush toilets available in the Trail Center.

Vault Toilets

Throughout the Park

Vault toilets are available year-round.