Wheelchair Accessible

Armstrong Bay Day Use Area

There is an accessible trail from the parking lot to the waterfront. More accessible trails will be developed as the park is developed.


There are a variety of hiking trails that enter the park. Right now they all originate from Soudan Underground Mine State Park. The only marked and officially developed trail in the park is the Alaska Shaft Trail, a 2.4 mile hiking loop that includes a spur on the northeast corner that ends in a beautiful overlook onto the rolling terrain of the park. It is best to park by the Soudan Underground Mine State Park office (use Stuntz Bay Road) to start this hike.

There are many other trails in Lake Vermilion State Park, but they are not developed or marked, so you should proceed with caution.

If you want to see other areas of the park, one option is to complete the multiple staged Lake Vermilion State Park geocache. This geocache takes visitors to some of the more interesting sites on the western portion of the park. The beginning coordinates for this geocache are N 47 49.243  W 092  14.192. There is a short and a long version; if you complete the long version it will be approximately six miles round trip.



Temporary trails available

There are some temporary snowmobile trails in the park. Check the winter map for access points and trails.


Note: The snowshoe trails in the park are shared with snowbmobiles, so use caution. The trails can be accessed from Soudan Underground Mine State Park. Call the park office at 218-753-2245 for details.