Lake Louise State Park

In the area

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11.6 miles

Paved Bike

14.2 Miles

The Shooting Star State Trail bisects the park and connects LeRoy with Rose Creek.


9.7 Miles

Many of the horse trails are surfaced with natural vegetation. They are typically open May 1 through October 31, weather permitting. A Minnesota trail pass is required for all horse riders.


Cross Country Skiing

No ski trails are designated in the park. The local friends' group sometimes grooms certain trails for skiing.


9.6 Miles

9.6 miles are within the park, however this trail also connects to more miles of local and regional trails. The local snowmobile club grooms trails through the park which connect to an extensive Grant-In-Aid trail network in Southeast Minnesota. There is no parking for vehicles pulling trailers in winter at Lake Louise.


Anywhere In Park Except Groomed Trails

Snowshoers may travel anywhere in the park. The wooded corridors along the streams and lake are especially appealing.