Fort Snelling State Park

In the area

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Self Guided

1 mile.

The trail connects the Historic Fort and the Visitor Center. A brochure is available at the park.


18 Miles

Easy to moderate trails. Trails lead through wooded area and along lakes and rivers. Trails also connect the park with nearby historic sites. Excellent birdwatching!

Paved Bike

5 Miles

The park's centrally located bike trails connect to the 53-mile long Grand Rounds Scenic Bikeway at Minnehaha Falls in Minneapolis and the Dakota County Big Rivers Regional Trail.

Mountain Bike

10 Miles

Mountain bike trails are located on the Dakota County side of the river. Inquire at park office.


Cross Country Skiing

12 Miles

Park has groomed and tracked ski trails and multiple-use packed trails.


Anywhere Except On Groomed Trails

Snowshoers must stay off groomed ski trails.


Multi-Use Trails

6 miles of trail are packed for multiple use in winter.
3 miles of packed walking trails are maintained on Pike Island.