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Solana State Forest


Forest Landscape: The terrain in the forest is mostly level to gently rolling and the forest contains many swampy areas. Slightly over half of the area within the forest is wetland. The forest also contains Porcupine Lake and Split Rock Lake.

Management Activities: Timber harvesting, reforestation, and wildlife habitat improvement occur in the forest. The DNR also protects the forest and surrounding area from wildfires.

History: In the 1800s, logging was the main occupation for the settlers who located in the area. This continued until 1925, when a forest fire destroyed the sawmill owned by James McGrath in White Pine Township, putting 1,200 people out of work. McGrath negotiated a sale of 3,400 acres of his land to the government. This land was given to eligible veterans of World War I, to farm and the area became known as Veteransville. Most of these settlers moved on after working the land for only a few years. Train tracks were pulled from the site of the burned-down mill, and the stations along the tracks were closed. The main line belonging to the Soo Line Railroad pulled its tracks in 1989 and the right-of-way was bought by Aitkin County for what today is known as the Soo Line Trail. This trail runs 130 miles from Genola to Duluth.

Acres: 68,141

Year Estab: 1963


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