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Golden Anniversary State Forest


Forest Landscape: Golden Anniversary State Forest has gently rolling topography. The forest is a haven for wildlife, with aspen, cedar, northern hardwoods, Norway and white pine, and spruce-fir timber types.

Management Activities: Golden Anniversary State Forest has a total acreage of 7,287 acres. The DNR manages 1,810 acres and Itasca County manages 3,287 acres. The remaining acreage is in private ownership. Management activities include timber harvesting, timber stand improvement, and tree planting. Annually, about 17 acres of aspen, spruce, and pine are harvested. A winter deer yarding area is being maintained in an area near Cow Horn Lake. This lake also provides excellent habitat for waterfowl. Timber harvesting to increase ruffed grouse habitat is an important management activity.

History: Golden Anniversary State Forest was established in 1961 to commemorate the golden anniversary of DNR Forestry.

Acres: 7,287

Year Estab: 1961


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