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Bear Island State Forest


Forest Landscape: The terrain of the area is often steep and rocky. Very little of the land is suitable for agriculture; however, abundant lakes and rivers provide excellent recreational opportunities.

Management Activities: Minnesota's state forests produce timber and other forest crops, provide outdoor recreation, protect watersheds, and perpetuate rare and distinctive species of native flora and fauna. Approximately 250 acres of timber are harvested each year from Bear Island State Forest. There are 170 acres of land artificially regenerated to coniferous forest through planting and seeding. Timber stand improvement amounts to 140 acres per year, mostly through release of conifer plantations.

History: In the late 1800s to 1900s, millions of board feet of virgin white pine were harvested. Subsequent burning replaced the pine stands with aspen, birch, and jack pine. These species now comprise most of the upland timber types.

Acres: 179,594

Year Estab: 1963


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