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Interactive snowmobile trails map help

The interactive snowmobile trail map uses different layers that help you find information about snowmobile trails and nearby state and federal recreation areas.

Basic operation

You can explore the map using the interface icons, the drop down quick zoom, or do a specific place search. To learn more about a specific feature, click the feature and an information bubble will appear.

Interface icons

  Picture of map icon - Clicking on the icon resets the interactive snowmobile trail map to show the entire state.
  Picture of map icon - This icon allows you to move to a different area of the map. You can also hold down your mouse to drag the large map to a new position, or click on the smaller map (located in the lower right of the map) to move to a specific area of the state.
  Picture of map icon - This icon allows you to measure the distance between two or more points.

Place searches

Use the place input box to quickly display a specific location:

After you have entered your information, click on the button. If your search terms match only one item exactly, the map will automatically zoom to that place. Otherwise, a small popup window will show you matches and you can zoom to a place by clicking on a name.

About the data

This map is not recommended for the sole use of navigation, and its accuracy is not guaranteed. Trail re-routes and closures can unexpectedly occur, please follow trail markers and signage.