A Guide for Buying and Managing Shoreland

A Guide for Buying and Managing Shoreland

Section 4: DNR Land Use Management Programs

What laws affect shoreland development and how do they work?

Shoreland Management, Floodplain Management, and Wild, Scenic, and Recreational Rivers are all "land use" or "zoning" programs. They require that the Commissioner of Natural Resources prepare minimum statewide development standards for shoreland, floodplain, and wild and scenic river areas. Local units of government then adopt these or stricter standards in the form of local zoning or land use ordinances. Management of the Mississippi River Corridor Critical Area Program was transferred to the DNR in 1995. Minimum standards are required to be followed by all governmental units in the Corridor when adopting plans and ordinances.

Why are there separate laws and programs, and how do they work?

Our lakes and rivers are unique and offer a wide variety of opportunities and challenges which these programs address.