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The DNR communications team works with agency experts to develop the weekly questions and provide the answers. This feature addresses current DNR issues, interesting topics, or the most frequently asked questions from around Minnesota.


Q: What is a rocket net, and how is it used by the DNR?

A: A rocket net is a propelled net used for capturing wildlife. The net is pulled by electronically-ignited explosive charges contained in vented chambers (rockets). The rockets pull the net through the air, and the animals are captured as the net falls on top of them.

Rocket nets come in different sizes, but the ones we use for capturing waterfowl are commonly about 40 feet long by 60 feet wide. These nets can capture hundreds of ducks at one time, which is especially useful when we are banding ducks before the fall hunting season. The key to rocket nets is they are fast – the net is fired and fully-deployed, usually in less than a second.

Bruce Davis, DNR wildlife research specialist




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