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Q: What are the hottest and coldest temperatures on record for the Minnesota State Fair?

A: The hottest day in the history of the Minnesota State Fair was on Sept. 10, 1931, with 104 degrees. The hottest average temperature for the duration of any State Fair back to 1885 is also 1931 with 92.6 degrees. Note that the Minnesota State Fair in 1931 ran eight days from September 5 to 12. Last year was the third warmest fair on record with an average of 88.2 degrees, and it also had the most 90-degree high temperatures on record with six days.

The coolest Minnesota State Fair was during the six-day run of the fair from Sept. 5 to 10, 1898, with an average maximum temperature of 64.2 degrees. The coldest maximum temperature for the fair was 52 degrees on Sept. 7, 1911, and the coldest minimum temperature is 33 degrees on Sept. 13, 1890. The coolest fair morning in recent years was a chilly 36 degrees on Sept. 1, 1974.

- Pete Boulay, climatologist, DNR Ecological and Water Resources Division


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