Mystery Cave


Forestville/Mystery Cave State Park

Mystery Cave:
Advanced Educational Tour

Photo: Mystery Cave visitors on an advanced educational tour, with naturalist on stairway leading deeper down into the cave.This special group tour provides a more detailed examination of both underground and above ground cave geology, and requires advanced reservations. It is typically offered to groups of ten or more that desire additional study of caves and karst topography, including college and advanced high school groups.

Participants in this tour should have an interest in geology, be in good physical shape, and be able to be on their feet for up to five hours.


The underground component involves traveling the one-hour and two-hour tour routes. The in-cave portion often includes discussion on rock types, depositional environments, cave minerals, passage morphology, cave sediments, water levels, speleothem dating, and overall cave development.

Above ground

The above ground portion, weather permitting, includes an examination of a subsidence sinkhole and a visit to Cherry Grove Blind Valley Scientific and Natural Area (5.5 miles away).

What to expect

Tour schedule

Advanced educational tours must be pre-arranged.
Call 507-937-3251 to schedule.

Tour rates

$18 per person (10 person minimum)

Reservations are required for the wild caving, photography, school, and advanced educational tours. Spring and fall school tour reservations can be made by calling the main park office at 507-352-5111. Wild caving, photography, advanced education, and summer school tours can be reserved by calling Mystery Cave at 507-937-3251.