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May 2012

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In This Issue
Featured Lesson: Aquatic Plant Power
Species Profile: Bullheads
Fishing Equipment & Tips: Catching & Handling Bullheads and Catfish
Piers & Places: Fishing Along the Shore
Book Reviews: Catfish Stories
Mentoring & MinnAqua: Mentoring and Invasives; what an odd couple! Or is it...
Featured Fishing Spots: Carrot Lake, Devil Track Lake, Two Island Lake; Cook County

Shore Fishing and Bullheads

by Nadine Meyer, Newsletter Editor

A short walk, bike ride, or drive to a nearby lake can provide a fine opportunity to catch a fish to admire and release or keep and eat.

In this issue of MinnAqua Moments our Species Profile, Fishing Equipment & Tips, Piers & Places, and Featured Fishing Spots articles highlight shore fishing and a common catch: bullheads. For a sample of light reading to take along on your fishing trip check out the Book Reviews, which features the catfish family.

This  issue's Featured Lesson focuses on the aquatic plants that inhabit the shorelines. The Mentoring article showcases a family with girls that got so excited about fishing they created a club to help share their fishing knowledge.

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