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Scratch that Ice Fishing Itch by Becoming a Mentor

by Michael Kurre, Mentor Coordinator

November 2010

Youth Ice Fishing

You say you’ve got the itch to fish and you need to scratch. Whether that itch is to provide ice or open water fishing expertise in: safety, education, where to go, looking for some experts or how to build your own jiggle stick (or for that matter, what is a jiggle stick?) for your students or personally; we can help soothe that irritation.

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is in the process of developing a Certified Outdoors Mentors list of experienced anglers and outdoors people around the state in many disciplines of the outdoors adventure including ice fishing. These veterans of the out-of-doors are willing to help in the classroom as well as assisting with hands-on activities on the ice or in the field. For safety reasons these Outdoor Mentors have had a State of Minnesota background check and many have attended the recently developed Outdoors Mentor Training course. The program covers expectations of mentors and students, child safety, do’s & don’ts and where to engage in additional outdoors educations, skills and actual hands-on experiences.

Email Michael Kurre if you are interested in a monthly update of activities that are happening in the outdoors across the state like the following:

And you can always "drop me a line" to help you find area experts in outdoor recreational activities to help you in the classroom.