MeCC Mapper Help

Basic operation

This web mapper allows you to create customized maps based on DNR data layers that you select. Choose from public lands, water bodies, roads, aerial photos, and more.


Step 1 - Select the layers for your map

Note: Grayed out layers become visible as you zoom in.

Step 2 - Select the layers for your map

Step 3 - Select an area 

Place searches

Use the Place input box to quickly display a specific location:

After you have entered your information, click on the go button button. If your search terms match only one item exactly, the map will automatically zoom to that place. Otherwise, a small popup window will show you matches and you can zoom to a place by clicking on a name.

A place search will return up to 1000 matching results.

For more information

  1. Complete the basic operation steps above
  2. Click on the information icon Information icon
  3. Click a point of interest on the map to get detailed information
    Note: Not all areas of the map link to more information

Icon Key

Reset icon

Reset Landview to the starting point

Zoom in icon

Zoom in on a specific area of the map

Reposition icon

Reposition the mapping area

Zoom out icon

Zoom out to a larger map area

Refresh icon

Refresh the map to include new layer choices

Information icon

Get information about specific points of interest
Note: not all sections of the map have information


About the Data

The web mapper is based on DNR core GIS (Geographic Information System) data holdings. For more information including metadata and direct access to much of the raw GIS data please visit our Data Deli.

Visit the "data info" link for information about program or project specific data layers.


This web map was developed by the Minnesota DNR using the University of Minnesota MapServer software. Questions and comments are welcomed.