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25-year legacy plan for Minnesota State Parks and Trails


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A legislatively mandated 25-year strategic legacy plan was presented to the State Legislature on Monday, Feb. 14, by Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) Commissioner Tom Landwehr.

The Plan: The long-range plan outlines how funds generated from Clean Water Land and Legacy Act (the “Legacy Amendment”) as well as other traditional funding sources should be spent for parks and trails of state and regional significance.

Goal: Provide the next generation of Minnesotans with world-class parks and trails that connect everyone to the outdoors.
In 2035 Minnesota parks and trails will create experiences that inspire a legacy of stewardship for the natural world and provide fun outdoor recreational opportunities that strengthen friendships, families, health, and spirit, now and into the future. Minnesotans will also experience the full range of benefits that outdoor recreation provides, reinforcing our state’s identity as an outdoor culture.

The "Legacy Amendment" was passed in 2008, the Clean Water Land and Legacy Act. It is funded by a 3/8 percent increase in the state sales tax. State and regional parks and trails receive 14.25 percent of the funds generated from the Amendment.

The long range plan can be viewed on the Legacy Fund’s web site.

View the Parks and Trails Legacy Plan presentation.