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What's Under Your House?

Web map application featuring maps of geology and soils data of Minnesota.


DecorativeThe DNR created the What's Under Your House web map for the Minnesota State Fair.
What's Under Your House Web Map!

The web map will deliver geologic information at a single location through an address search or a click/tap on the map. Geologic information includes soils data from the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and glacial geology, depth to bedrock, and bedrock geology data from the Minnesota Geological Survey (MGS). All of the original data was simplified by the DNR with assistance from the MGS. 

Instructions, Geologic Glossaries, and Timeline for What's Under Your House Web Map

Web Map Instructions PDF
Glacial Geology Glossary PDF
Bedrock Geology Glossary PDF
DNR's Geologic Time Table 

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