DNR Jobs and Requirements

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has more than 350 job classes. To learn about the requirements for these various jobs, view the long listings and browse through the position descriptions.

[Note: This is just a list of positions at the DNR. Go to the current job postings page to check which jobs are now open.]

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NR Air Tactical Group Coordinator

NR Area Hydrologist

NR Area Supervisor Fisheries

NR Area Supervisor Wildlife

NR Area Supervisor-Trails & Waterways

NR Business Manager

NR District Supervisor - Enforcement

NR Douglas Lodge Custodial Worker

NR Douglas Lodge Dining Room Lead Worker

NR Douglas Lodge Worker

NR Field Services Manager

NR Fisheries Census Clerk

NR Forest Fire Response Lead

NR Forest Support Dispatcher

NR Forest Wildfire Dispatcher

NR Forestry Administrative Supervisor

NR Forestry Program Coordinator

NR Forestry Program Supervisor

NR Forestry Regional Manager

NR Forestry Regional Specialist

NR Forestry Section Manager

NR Forestry Specialist

NR Forestry Specialist Intermediate

NR Forestry Specialist Senior

NR Forestry Supervisor

NR Helicopter Operations Coordinator

NR Mine Interpreter

NR Mineral Development Manager

NR Minerals Regional Specialist

NR Nursery Field Worker

NR Park Program Coordinator/Resource Management

NR Park Specialist Senior (Resource Management)

NR Parks Douglas Lodge Supervisor

NR Parks Regional Manager

NR Parks Section Manager

NR Parks Specialist

NR Parks Specialist Intermediate/Resource Management

NR Pilot

NR Program Consultant

NR Program Consultant/Federal Aid

NR Program Consultant/River Ecology

NR Program Consultant/Wetland Regulations

NR Program Coordinator

NR Program Coordinator/Ecosystem Based Management

NR Program Coordinator/Exotics

NR Program Coordinator/Federal Aid

NR Program Coordinator/Plant Ecology

NR Program Manager 2-Enforcement

NR Program Supervisor Ecological Services/Aquatic Biologist

NR Program Supervisor Ecological Services/Pathologist

NR Program Supervisor Ecological Services/River Ecology

NR Program Supervisor Senior Fish Hatchery

NR Program Supervisor Senior Fisheries Research

NR Program Supervisor Senior Wildlife Research

NR Program Supervisor-Trails & Waterways

NR Regional Director

NR Regional Manager-Fisheries

NR Regional Manager-Trails & Waterways

NR Regional Manager-Waters

NR Regional Manager-Wildlife

NR Section Manager/Parks

NR Specialist 2 (Conservation Officer)

NR Specialist 3 (CO Regional Training Officer)

NR Specialist 3 (CO Water Resource Specialist)

NR Specialist 4 (CO Pilot)

NR Specialist Ecological Services

NR Specialist Ecological Services/Resource Management

NR Specialist Ecologist/Aquatic Biologist

NR Specialist Fisheries

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services/Aquatic Biol

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services/Botanist

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services/Herpetologis

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services/Icthyologist

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services/Malacologist

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services/Nongame

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services/Ornithologis

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services/Resource Man

NR Specialist Intermediate Ecological Services/River Ecolog

NR Specialist Intermediate Fish Research

NR Specialist Intermediate Fisheries

NR Specialist Intermediate Fisheries/Hatchery

NR Specialist Intermediate NonGame Wildlife

NR Specialist Intermediate Trails & Waterways

NR Specialist Intermediate Wildlife

NR Specialist Intermediate Wildlife Research

NR Specialist Senior Ecological Services

NR Specialist Senior Ecological Services/Aquatic Plant Ecol

NR Specialist Senior Ecological Services/Environmental Asse

NR Specialist Senior Ecological Services/Forest Resource Ma

NR Specialist Senior Ecological Services/Natural Heritage

NR Specialist Senior Ecological Services/NonGame

NR Specialist Senior Ecological Services/Plant Ecologist

NR Specialist Senior Ecological Services/Prairie Resource M

NR Specialist Senior Ecological Services/River Ecologist

NR Specialist Senior Fisheries

NR Specialist Senior NonGame Wildilfe

NR Specialist Senior Trails & Waterways

NR Specialist Senior Wildlife

NR Specialist Trails & Waterways

NR Specialist Wildlife

NR Specialist Wildlife Research

NR Specialist/Conservation Officer Unit Leader

NR Supervisor Ecological Services

NR Supervisor 1 Parks

NR Supervisor 2 Parks

NR Supervisor 3 Parks

NR Supervisor 4 Parks

NR Supervisor 5 Parks

NR Supervisor Ecological Services/NonGame

NR Supervisor Ecological Services/Resource Management

NR Supervisor Fish Hatchery

NR Technician

NR Technician (Fisheries)

NR Technician (Forestry)

NR Technician (Trails & Waterways)

NR Technician (Wildlife)

NR Worker

NR Youth Program Field Coordinator