Emerald ash borer

graphic: The Victim: Trees at risk

graphic: Showing Ash population in Minnesota
State of Minnesota map pdf showing ash tree populations in urban areas.


The good news is, in our part of the world EAB only attacks ash trees. However, that makes Minnesota especially vulnerable. We now have more ash than any other state. Minnesota’s forests are home to 792 million black ash, 201 million green ash, and 2.3 million white ash trees.* Another 2.7 million ash trees** grow in cities and towns around the state. Ash trees make up 7.2 percent of the trees in Minnesota forests and 15.1 percent of the trees in Minnesota communities.

*Source: Minnesota Forest Inventory and Analysis (FIA) 2009 data
**Source: DNR Division of Forestry, Resource Assessment Unit, 2010 survey

graphic: EAB icons