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photo: Adult EAB bugEAB is one of many nonnative invasive species that threaten Minnesota's forests. Some have been here for a long time. Others are on their way.


photo: Showing buckthorn


photo: Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch Elm Disease (fungus)

photo: Gygsy Moth

Gypsy Moth

To prevent the spread of pests:

  • Check product labels and buy local plant material, landscape mulch, seed, hay, etc.
  • Where possible, buy certified weed-free seed and hay.
  • Inspect your vehicles and belongings when moving or traveling to ensure there are no seed, mud, or debris hitchhikers.
  • Clean boats, ATVs, and other recreational vehicles before and after use.
  • Clean pant cuffs, boots, backpacks, personal gear, and pets of seeds, mud, and debris before leaving an area.
  • Remove invasive plants such as buckthorn. Bag or burn all debris to avoid scattering seed.
  • If you see any of these pests or diseases, contact the Arrest the Pest Hotline at or 888-545-6684.

To learn more about invasive species threatening Minnesota:

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