Q&A About Aquatic Invasive Species Rules Decal on Watercraft

May 7, 2012

AIS Decal

Q. Is the aquatic invasive species rules decal on boats still required by law?
A. NO. A new law passed in 2012 repeals the previous 2011 requirement for the rules decal. Watercraft owners are no longer required to place the silver and black decals, which includes a summary of the state's AIS laws, on their boats. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) began distributing the decals earlier this year and will continue to distribute them to interested boat owners for informational purposes only. Although the decal is no longer mandatory on boats, it is still provides helpful information about the AIS laws. Boaters who have decals can still place them on their boats, trailers, or other water-related equipment as a reminder.

Q. Will the DNR continue to distribute the decal to boaters and businesses?
A. No. The rules decals that were printed have all been distributed to DNR offices, staff, and businesses statewide. DNR watercraft inspectors and conservation officers, and others will provide remaining decals as informational items. The decal will not be reprinted.

Q. Is there a new law requiring an invasive species trailer decal?
A. Yes. Beginning in 2015 there is a new trailer decal requirement that is scheduled to start. The new law passed in April, 2012 will require anyone who transports watercraft or water-related equipment with a trailer to complete an online education course. After completing the course, the person will receive a decal that must be placed on their trailer, certifying they have taken the course. People taking the course can receive extra stickers if they own or use multiple trailers for watercraft or water-related equipment. The DNR develop the online AIS course in the future for implementation of the new decal requirement in 2015. When that law becomes effective, a warning rather than a citation can be issued to boaters who do not display the decal.