Water resources


Groundwater Publications


Groundwater Management: Capacity Assessment at the Local Level (December 2015) PDF

South-Central Minnesota Groundwater Monitoring of the Mt. Simon Aquifer

Buried Sand and Gravel Aquifers of the Breckenridge/Wahpeton Area, Minnesota and North Dakota (2012) PDF

Minnesota's Pilot Study Report for the National Groundwater Monitoring Network (March 2011) PDF

Evaluation of Models and Tools for Assessing Groundwater Availability and Sustainability (2010) PDF

Water Availability Assessment Report (2010)  PDF

Long Term Protection of the State's Surface Water and Groundwater Resources (January 2010) PDF

Hydraulic Impacts of Quarries and Gravel Pits (2005) PDF

Hydrogeology of the Rock River watershed, Minnesota and associated off-channel habitats of theTopeka shiner.

Impacts of Sand and Gravel Mining in the Felton Prairie Fen Area on Down Gradient Calcareous Fens (2002) PDF

Minnesota's Water Supply - Natural Conditions and Human Impacts (September 2000)  PDF

Minnesota Groundwater Bibliography (June 1989, revised June 1990) PDF

Understanding Ground Water Level Trends, Second Edition (June 1989) PDF

The Natural Quality of Ground Water in Minnesota (April 1974) PDF

The Chemical Quality of Ground Water in the Minneapolis - St. Paul Area (April 1965) PDF


Testimony to Senate Environment and Energy Committee

Video: Testimony to House Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance (begins at 37:00 minutes)  external link

Audio: Testimony to House Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture Finance (begins at 1 hour 57 minutes)  external link

Outside Links

Minnesota's Groundwater: Is our use sustainable? (Freshwater Society April 2013) PDF

Minnesota's Groundwater Condition: A Statewide View (MPCA September 2007)

Twin Cities Metro Area Groundwater Flow Model (Metropolitan Council)

Minnesota Water Science Center Online Publications (USGS)