Reinvest in Minnesota (RIM) critical habitat match program

Program Purpose: To encourage private citizens and organizations to help fund the acquisition and development of critical fish and wildlife habitat by having their donations of land or cash matched from a special state fund.

Eligible Projects: The acquisition and enhancement of critical habitat, which includes but is not limited to restoring wetlands, improving forest habitat, planting critical winter cover, protecting undisturbed plant communities, preserving habitat for rare plant and animal species, protecting native prairie and grasslands, and preserving spawning and reproduction areas for fish.

Who May Apply: Private Individuals and Groups.

Priorities: First priority is given to the maintenance or enhancement of endangered or threatened populations of native plant, fish and wildlife species. Second priority is given to the protection or enhancement of native ecological communities that are now uncommon or diminishing.

Level of Assistance: The program provides for state acquisition or enhancement of critical habitat on state lands by matching dollar for dollar donations of land, easements or cash. The majority of the donations are restricted for projects of mutual interest between the donor and the Department of Natural Resources. Some projects are unrestricted, which allow the Department of Natural Resources to identify the "match" project.

General Information: In 1986, the Reinvest in Minnesota Program was established by a recommendation from the Citizen's Commission to Promote Hunting and Fishing in Minnesota. Since that time, the Minnesota Legislature has appropriated $23 million and the Critical Habitat Conservation License Plate has generated over $3 million for acquisition and enhancement of critical habitat, and private donors have contributed land and cash totaling over $26 million.

How to Apply: Contact:

Kim Hennings, Land Acquisition Coordinator
DNR Division of Wildlife
500 Lafayette Road, Box 7
St. Paul, MN 55155
Phone: 651-259-5210
Fax: 651-297-4961

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