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image: Aerial photoForest Stewardship Project—Tullibee Lake Watersheds


Project purpose:

Landowner benefits:

Sample of eligible projects:


Application Information

Who May Apply:

Nonindustrial private landowners who have 20–1,000 acres of land with 10 acres of woody vegetation after the plan has been implemented within the Tullibee Lake watershed.

Look up your address or pan to your land on the map below to see if your land is within the red project area. Contact your local soil and water conservation district This link leads to an external site.or DNR forester to find out more.




Application Due Date:

Applications will be taken until all funding is exhausted.


How to Apply:

To receive an application, please contact your county


General Information:

Want to know more why fish need forests, too? Check out this article pdf


Not quite sure what a Forest Stewardship Plan is or if you are eligible for one? Learn More


Interested in finding out how the Minnesota Department of Revenue can help you keep your forest a forest through property tax relief or incentive payments? To find out which tax program is right for you and your land, check out information about 2c Managed Forest Land and the Sustainable Forestry Incentives Act (SFIA) pdf


Do you already have a stewardship plan and would like more help implementing your management plan goals and recommendations? You may be able to get some help paying for a portion of the costs through various cost-share programs. Check with the forester who wrote your plan, your local soil and water conservation district This link leads to an external site., or your DNR forester to find out more.


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