Chippewa Plains/Pine Moraines and Outwash Plains SFRMP


Chippewa Plains-Pine Moraines & Outwash Plains


On February 18, 2009, DNR commissioner Mark Holsten approved the Chippewa Plains–Pine Moraines and Outwash Plains Subsection Forest Resource Management Plan (CP-PMOP SFRMP). The approved CP-PMOP SFRMP identifies long-term goals and strategies to implement vegetation management on approximately 583,000 acres of forest lands managed by the DNR in 14 counties in north-central Minnesota.

Following review of comments received on the draft CP-PMOP SFRMP from two previous public reviews, the DNR made appropriate revisions and adopted the final CP-PMOP SFRMP. Comments were vital to identify needed clarifications and revisions to the draft CP-PMOP SFRMP. Comments received and the DNR's response to those comments, including revisions to the draft CP-PMOP SFRMP, are included as an appendix to the final CP-PMOP SFRMP.

The CP-PMOP SFRMP was developed by an interdisciplinary DNR team from the divisions of Forestry, Fish and Wildlife, and Ecological Resources, and includes:

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