Division of Forestry

photograph of forest roadThe Division of Forestry protects and manages the trees, woodlands, and forests entrusted to us for the benefit of the people of Minnesota. In support of the DNR's mission, as forest stewards we strive to:

  • provide our shared expertise to understand, sustain, and manage Minnesota's trees, woodlands, and forests
  • provide a sustainable supply of multiple forest resources and opportunities
  • protect lives and property from wildfires
  • fulfill responsibilities to the permanent school trust.

Director's Office

Business and Administrative Services

  • Ed Potter, Business and Administrative Services Section Manager

Resource Assessment

Forest protection and health

  • Vacate, Forest Protection and Health Section Manager

Fire Management

Rural Fire Department Programs

Federal Excess Property Program (FEPP)

State Forest Nursery

Forest Operations and Management

  • Andrew Arends, Forest Operations and Management Section Manager

State Lands Supervisor

Timber Sales Unit


Outreach and Strategic Planning

  • Meg Hanisch, Outreach and Strategic Planning Section Manager

Cooperative Forest Management

Strategic Planning