October 1998

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IN THIS ISSUE: FALL COLORS                                            October 7, 1998
Fall Colors

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A roof with a view

On a warm and sunny Saturday, we decided to fix some shingles on the roof. While I was balanced on the roof peak, I paused to notice how extra-ordinarily beautiful the sugar maple tree was. Leaves were every shade from summer green through lemon yellow to soft orange and burgundy red. As I gazed at them, I realized that my perch upon the roof was a perfect vantage point for looking at fall colors. I was looking down on to the upper surface of leaves where their color is brightest, not up from below which dims the colors considerably.

This fall is considerably more colorful that we expected. Rains came just in the knick of time for the maples and oaks to intensify their colors and have a showy fall display.

Suggestion: Before you put those garden implements away, you might look around to insure that ornamental trees and shrubs are ready for what lies ahead. Check to make sure that mulch has been pulled away from woody stems and that stems are protected from rodent damage. Cover or tie up shrubbery to prevent snow and ice breakage.

Our best to you for a good fall and winter. The next issue will be in the spring of 1999, so we'll see you then.

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