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November 2012

In this issue:

Cool yer heels whilst readin':


Round-up of those dad-burn, pesky varmits

  • 2012 Aerial detection survey maps
  • Forest tent caterpillar is building
  • Eastern larch beetle acres double this year
  • Tamarack assessment project
  • Spruce budworm in Cook County
  • Rose chafers
  • Bamboozled by bugs
  • No silver bullet for bullet gall
  • Dook's needle blight of white pine
  • Ink spot and shot-hole of aspen

University Entomologists and pardners doin' good work

  • Emerald ash borer grant
  • Eastern larch beetle research

Gumption a-plenty

  • Study of retail firewood in western states

From the O. A. K. corral:

  • Oak wilt confirmed at St. Croix State Park


Rose chafers

Rose chafers

Ink spot on Trembling aspen

Ink Spot on Trembling Aspen

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