Here are some links to energy-related websites:


University of Minnesota – Extension
Energy efficiency and renewable energy:

University of Minnesota: Institute on the Environment
Initiative for Renewable Energy & the Environment

University of Wisconsin: Energy Institute

CAMEL (Climate, Adaptation, Mitigation, E-Learning)

SEEK (Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge)


U.S. and Minnesota Government

U.S. Department of Energy
National Renewable Energy Laboratory

DNR Strategic Conservation Agenda
Under Trends and Strategic Directions, click the "Changes related to energy and climate" link.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency

Minnesota Department of Commerce

Minnesota Public Utilities Commission

Governor Dayton's Energy-related Executive Orders


Energy Companies

Xcel Energy: Renewable Energy

Native Energy: Climate Solutions
Useful information on carbon offsets, sustainability, clean energy.

SRECTrade: Solar Renewable Energy Certificates
There is currently no direct financial benefit from avoided CO2 emissions in Minnesota, there could potentially be some future benefits in the form of tradable Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs).


Minnesota-made Solar Energy Equipment


Silicon Energy



Minnesota Renewable Energy Society