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Adopt-a-River Trash Sculptures

A creature from the 2012 sculpture, For 21 years, the Adopt-a-River program drew attention to the trash found in and around public waters and recognized the efforts of volunteers through a Found Objects (aka "trash") sculpture displayed at the Minnesota State Fair.

In 2015 we're going a new direction in trying to recruit volunteers, and have discontinued the sculpture in order to focus more directly on our river cleanup efforts.

21 years of sculptures

You can still visit seven of these sculptures in permanent locations around the metro area.
Find them here. And they'll all live on in our digital archive, below.

2014: "Lepus Ex Apparatus" by Tristan Kyrsta

2013: "Homegrown" by Andrew Vomhof

2012: "Scuttled" by Andrew Vomhof

2011: "Union: A Deer and Two Herons" by Raina Belleau

2010: "Nature's Engineer—The Beaver" by Chip Addington and Caylon Hackwith

2009: "Urgie the Sturgeon" by Demian Jackman

2008: "The Industrious, Cooperative Ant" by Rabi Sanfo

2007: "Morph the Transforming Frog" by Mary Johnson

2006: "Dragon Fly" by Paul Byer

2005: "River Turtle" by Paul Byer

2004: "Koi Carp" by Steve Bateman

2003: "Watch Swan" by Steve Bateman

2002: "Red Alert" by Al Wadzinsky

2001: "Flood Dwelling" by Timothy Hasenstein and Allison Hoogervorst

2000: "The Ancient Mariner" by Lou Ferreri

1999: "2600 Scarecrows" by Lou Ferreri

1998: "The Diviners" by Lou Ferreri

1997: "The Toxic Avenger" by Al Wadzinski

1996: "Fish" by John Ballinger

1995: "Arching Roots of the River Bank" by Jason P. Moore

1994: "See What the Fish Have to Put Up With?" by Saul Simon


Learn more

Learn more about what goes into a trash sculpture and where all that rubbish comes from in this MP3 audio interviewThis link leads to an podcast. with Paul Nordell, coordinator of the Adopt-a-River and the Found Objects Sculpture programs.