CWD Testing


Late season CWD hunt

Hunters living outside CWD zone asked to quarter deer

Results from the laboratory DNR uses to test samples for CWD will be delayed because diagnostic kits are on backorder from the manufacturer.

Test results in other states have been delayed because of this kit shortage. Minnesota now is impacted, too.

DNR can't guarantee a 3-5 business day turnaround for test results from deer taken in the special hunt. While results still will be reported to hunters, it may take up to two weeks for results to be available.

Hunters traveling to the special hunt who don't live in the disease management zone are strongly encouraged to quarter their deer prior to leaving the CWD zone. DNR will have tables and dumpsters available at the Preston and Forestville sampling locations to make this easier to accomplish.

Hunters from outside the zone should bring coolers and plan on taking care of their deer at one of those stations if they plan on leaving the zone prior to testing as carcass export restrictions remain in place.

Map showing boundaries for the Jan. 6-14, 2018, late season deer hunt in southeast Minnesota.
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Hunt rules